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Netflix from the command line? - Ramiferous - 15-10-2020

I didn't really know where to post this so venam please move it if necessary.

I am wondering if there are yet any ncurses/cli/tui netflix apps? I have done a bit of a search but elgoog isn't showing me much.

I was thinking, I can log into Spotify using their API and listen to music from my terminal using ncspot, surely there is an ncurses netflix tool that would allow me to browse through thumbnails (possibly displayed with w3m-img or even sixel) and then simply launch streams in mpv? Provided Netflix has an API..

Someone please tell me this app exists already because it would change my life :)

So far the only thing I've come across that looks interesting is QtDRMStreamViewer but this still uses the the Qt Web engine and requires glibC to run it.

RE: Netflix from the command line? - mattrose - 15-10-2020

The netflix streams are encrypted with DRM that requires a special plugin in the browser to decrypt, and getting a license for that is ... not easy.

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