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Ruboto IRB - D9u - 14-09-2012

I've been fooling around with Ruboto IRB but since I know nothing about Ruby, Rails, or even Ruby on Rails, I haven't been able to do much more than slight modifications of the included examples.

Ruboto core + IRB enables compiling to .apk right on your Android device, includes an interactive Ruby shell (IRB) and features github integration.

Guides for use are fairly sparse, but I keep searching!

* IBM Ruboto guide


* GitHub Ruboto Wiki

Has anyone else used Ruboto?

RE: Ruboto IRB - FreeBSD - 15-09-2012

Dang I don't know ruby but they say if you know one language you know them all! So maybe I learn and try! Thanks for your share ;)

RE: Ruboto IRB - xyzodiac - 22-09-2012

Ruboto IRB is my favorite Android app, hands down!

There's also a Clojure REPL, Scheme and Brainfuck REPLs, and Scripting Layer for Android which is awesome :).