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RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - zygotb - 12-10-2012

There's my American misconception again... "Viola!"
The tiling WM seem to be better suited to large/multi monitor displays, so they sort of lack functionality when you add visual impairment to a tiny netbook screen.
Cascading setups are more to my liking.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Mafia - 12-10-2012

Well for a netbook, I would actually probably like a tiling wm. It really just depends if your a command line type of person. If all you use is terminals then odds are it will just be easier. But if your more of a GUI guy, then stay with a floating WM. But yeah, BSD does take some time to get use to. Lucky I started with FreeBSD and Fluxbox, then went over to OpenBSD with fvwm. So I basically stayed with older WMs for awhile and got use to the command line, very very use to it. Now I don't really bother with any GUI's. Takes up more space imo.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - zygotb - 12-10-2012

I've always got a terminal or two running. It's no big deal to "Alt+Tab" through open windows to find the terminal I'm looking for.
I can tile my windows if I want to, which is handy for short command execution and/or copy/paste situations, but if I'm reading/entering text I want as much screen real estate as possible, and on a 10" screen I want as little scrolling as I can get away with.
They don't call these things "netbooks" for nothing, thus I've always got at least one browser open, sometimes two or three, so yeah, the GUI is a big part of my computing since web browsers are GUI applications and I'm usually online.
Meh... Some people like different things, and I could see how a tiling WM would be attractive with a big screen, or a multi-monitor setup. And your screen shots do make me want to experiment with various WM's.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Mafia - 13-10-2012

No problem man, you are obviously educated. Actually, from my posts I fell like im pushing something on others. I don't wanna do that, I just wanna express that terminals are very very simple once you start using them like toilet paper. xD
But yes, get the basics down then switch, and ill say this with emphasis. SWITCH TO SOMETHING MORE CLI DOMINATE WHEN YOUR READY :)

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - fb0x - 13-10-2012

[Image: 2012-10-13-1057401280x10.jpg]

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - simon - 14-10-2012

[Image: vZnZrcQ]

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - vompatti - 14-10-2012

[Image: HuY4f.png]

running i3 :P

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Mafia - 14-10-2012

Man, this thread is my weakness.
It's like watching someone smoke crack through a window in rehab(when your there for crack addiction).

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - Mafia - 14-10-2012

Lol, atleast you have the chance to do it. My hardware is destroyed and im broke. I have been away from my system to long :'(, im having withdrawals.

RE: Unix screen-shots thread! - TheHotBot - 16-10-2012
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