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Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 19-11-2012

Hello all.

I have recently recieved an internet connection in my new appartment and went looking for Beastie and the crew, but came up short.
I saw that they have jumped over here so I thought I'd come along :D

Liebe Grüße.

RE: Hey ki113d here - yrmt - 19-11-2012

Welcome back nigga :D

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 19-11-2012

I hope I enjoy it here, 'cause SF is deffinately boring these days.

RE: Hey ki113d here - jolia - 19-11-2012

Welcome fucking back br0 :D

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 19-11-2012

Thanks for the welcomes.
I wouldn't call myself an expert, Beastie has me by a long shot. But I can play with the best of them :P

RE: Hey ki113d here - vompatti - 19-11-2012

Dude, we've been waiting for you to came back ;) Nice to see you again ;P

RE: Hey ki113d here - gurhush - 19-11-2012

Although I don't know you well at all, I am very happy to see you here. Welcome, and enjoy your stay!

RE: Hey ki113d here - zygotb - 20-11-2012

Pleased to make your acquaintance. Welcome to UnixHub!
I'm the resident n00b/troll-mascot.
Don't take me too seriously. :)

RE: Hey ki113d here - venam - 20-11-2012

How's your wife? I heard you got married and busy so you coudn't come online so much.
Your IRC was empty for so long.
My bro misses you; I don't think he'll switch to *nix though.

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 20-11-2012

Oh shit I didn't realize who you were venam, I apologise.
I was married yes but I moved to another apartment and didn't have Internet.

RE: Hey ki113d here - Dritz - 20-11-2012


I was wondering where you went! All of that python code in my beginning days has really helped me out in school. I've really learned a lot from you.

Python is like VB.NET done right. LOL

I'm moving on to C# after my 5 day weekend. Well, after I take my VB.NET final exam.

Finally, I'll be coding in school with a language that's actually good!

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 21-11-2012

Even though C# is primarily desinged for Windows it is a beautiful language.
And it's good to see you too :D

RE: Hey ki113d here - Mafia - 21-11-2012

And he finally shows his face again, welcome back.

RE: Hey ki113d here - Dritz - 22-11-2012

Well, just about anything based on c is pretty nice.
Exactly! That's why I've been encouraging my classmates to check out Python. No one really uses VB.NET for anything useful.

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 22-11-2012

Well I wouldn't exactly say it's based on C, as it is essentially Java.
Hello Mafia :P Yes, I show my chars again xD

RE: Hey ki113d here - Dritz - 22-11-2012

It's almost exactly like Java! Some even debate it's better than Java. (It's faster at least)

But, the grandfather language is still C.

RE: Hey ki113d here - ki113d - 23-11-2012

Enough about C#...
You should bump my crappy AI in the Python section :P