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RE: Battlestations! - trgc - 16-11-2013

[Image: FyTzYc4h.jpg]
Upgraded to an SSD:

RE: Battlestations! - Ippytraxx - 17-11-2013

(16-11-2013, 10:22 PM)trgc Wrote:
[Image: FyTzYc4h.jpg]
Upgraded to an SSD:

Clean! Although -1 for MBP but +1 for cool soldering station.

RE: Battlestations! - yrmt - 17-11-2013

-1 for MBP? why?

RE: Battlestations! - trgc - 17-11-2013

He hatin'

RE: Battlestations! - Ippytraxx - 17-11-2013

(17-11-2013, 03:55 PM)yrmt Wrote: -1 for MBP? why?

Overpriced. Mid-tier components for 2-3x the normal price. Also the sense of elitism that people try to incite when they pull one out just irks me. Spend your money instead on a decent Thinkpad or Clevo, load your favourite *nix and be done with it. Use the rest of the money on something more worthwhile.

Plus that shit overheats like nuclear reactor during a meltdown. My friend owns one and he had to buy one of those dumb cooling pads to stop it from overheating.

inb4 build quality, still not worth it.

RE: Battlestations! - yrmt - 17-11-2013

Mine never overheats, he must have a defect one.

RE: Battlestations! - trgc - 18-11-2013

I saw it as an investment, as I often choose to sell my computers after a few years of use. I found macs generally held value better than any other laptop hardware.

Plus the specs really aren't that bad anymore. Pre Intel perhaps, but they've come a long way.

RE: Battlestations! - Ippytraxx - 18-11-2013

You guys are not getting my point! Sure it's small (most laptops are so not really a good reason), holds it's value, whatever. My main gripe is that it's just too expensive for what you get and because of that has become some stupid status symbol.

I really wouldn't have a problem with macs if they just reduced the price by about 50%. Still would be a piece of crap but at least it wouldn't be a glorified piece of crap.

> Mine never overheats, he must have a defect one.
The ever so wonderful and helpful Apple technical support said this was normal.

RE: Battlestations! - yrmt - 18-11-2013

Quote: really wouldn't have a problem with macs if they just reduced the price by about 50%.

It's objectively far superior to many laptops 20% cheaper.

RE: Battlestations! - kirby - 18-11-2013

(17-11-2013, 08:16 PM)Ippytraxx Wrote: inb4 build quality, still not worth it.

To be fair, build quality is a very big thing. I got my Dell last year and have had numerous issues involving calling out an engineer 7 times and 3 motherboard replacements. The whole thing has only cost me £29 I guess, but the time wasted and apparent unreliability (it randomly wouldn't turn on today, apparently there was a processor error but now it magically works again), has made me appreciate build quality quite a bit. Meanwhile my 4 year old Acer netbook has stood up like a saint and lasted the whole time without issue.

My next laptop will either be Apple or Leveno I think.