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Hey folks,

A little while ago I asked you guys to fill out a survey for a school project. That's coming to close, and I now need 'beta testers' to prove I'm working with an end user who can report problems for me to fix.

Could I ask a couple of you to install the program, play around with it a bit and report any errors to the GitHub (that bit is pretty important, because it's the only real proof I have)? I've already got one from a friend, so one or two more will be fine. I've left a really glaringly obvious error in for a beta tester to 'discover' (move about directories a bit and look at the top bar), so even if someone, anyone, reports that and I fix it will probably be fine.


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Come 'beta test' my school project please? - by kirby - 04-03-2014, 02:11 PM