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Workflow compilation proposal - Desktop Customization & Workflow

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Grey Hair Nixers
Hi nixers !!

I would like to create a compilation of nixers' workflow.
We would end up with a bunch of videos of people all performing the same actions, using their personnal setup. Here is the script I'm thinking of (feel free to suggest any change, I'm open to anything)
  • Put on some music
  • Write some random text to a file in /tmp
  • Download / Compile / Install / Test a simple software
  • Send an email
  • Browse the forum
  • Connect to irc to say "Hi !"
  • Arrange windows and take a screenshot
  • Close everything

I don't want the videos to go over 2 minutes, so this list might be adjusted in the future to fit this constraint. You do not have to speak in the video either. Only executing the tasks specified.

For the recording part, here is the command to be used (adjust the screen size to your actual setup):
For people having two screens, please try to use only one if possible, as it is hard to understand what's happening on those wide videos.

ffmpeg -f x11grab -s 1440x900 -an -r 16 -loglevel quiet -i :0.0 -b:v 5M -y workflow-compil-${USER}.webm

Please comment on this thread and answer the poll. When we reach a minimum of 6 persons, we'll do it !
If you have any question, request or anything, feel free to ask :)

Cheers !

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