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Hello everybody!

I started playing around with GNU/Linux around 2008 using a distro called Caldera. I hae also played with at least a couple dozen distros since then, eventually ending up an Arch Liunx from 2009 to present. I tried FreeBSD, but left it quickly because it didn't support my wireless card (pretty trivial reason, I know!)
I love the freedoms of *nix software and the capabilities that they unlock on our computers. My passion has driven me to pursuing a computer science degree.
I am very comfortable in the command line environment, but there are still plenty of areas to improve (especially with tools like sed and awk).
I am a huge fan of tiling WMs, and currently use BSPWM, leaving DWM sometime last year and i3 sometime before that.
I recently began using qutebrowser to do my web surfing, which is the last piece of software I use daily that required (until now) a mouse.
I am glad to have found a place where I feel comfortable geeking out over *nix stuff!

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