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There is a chance of perhaps "muffling" the sound I bet, so, words get through enough, but air and breathing less loudly. I feel like I've seen people do that when singing in their home and working on the files themselves. I plugged "microphone prevent air breathing noise" into a search engine.

Found with this forum link which mentions some tactics I was thinking of. They mention noise gates, putting cloth over the mic, and putting it off to the side/ at an angle of your mouth in there, and many other websites.

I'm not sure precisely what mic or programs you're using but here is more things to try an improve the quality of audio -- of course, besides the obvious of a different mic. I'm sure something can be done without doing that just yet. I'd say move into a silent room with a cloth over it, and speak really loudly yet breathe softer if at all possible.

Of course I'm no expert, so hopefully any of this is at all useful.

EDIT: jesus fuck, grammer, sleepless moron I am.

Also: @z3bra, are these appearing in your git? Or can I stream without getting on IRC? I really wouldn't have much to contribute.

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