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Hey there nixers,

I'm a long-time Linux user, started with Debian Woody back in high school and I've hopped around ever since. Ran Arch for years but got more and more annoyed with the direction it was going and the community. I'm currently running Void on my main workstation and Gentoo on the laptop. Also have a media PC with Arch, though I plan to rebuild it one day when I have time... any suggestions for a fun TV-hookup project would be awesome.

I'm currently a sysadmin (though I do some development) in a Windows shop by day, though I'm currently looking for other work. It's been a nightmare trying to run an org with thousands of PCs and dealing with the bull that Microsoft slings in Windows 10. I took the job because it was good money but the headaches just aren't worth it... I'm currently looking for something where I can stretch my coder muscles.

I came to nixers to rekindle some of the community spirit that I am seriously missing. I grew up on IRC and forums, and I miss the community discussion and involvement. I used to be pretty active on the Arch forums (under a different username), but the community there has become unpleasant and uninformed, making good conversation difficult at best.. Y'all seem like a cool group of people and I'd like to get involved.

As far as personal stats, I'm kind of a privacy nut but I'll say that I live somewhere near Portland, OR with my wife and dogs. No kids yet, maybe someday who knows. My hobbies are mostly tech-related, though I also play guitar (poorly) and enjoy hunting/fishing/other outdoorsy stuff.

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