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Let's play futurists.
What do you think will happen in some years?
Long and short term predictions.

What do you think will happen in some years?
What do you think will happen in the future if you open your unix box?
What do you see?
What do you do?
Let's take some assumptions and imagine what could happen in the world or
around the world of Unix in some years.
Or even in the tech world.
Let's play futurist and have short and long term predictions.
From the crazy ones to the ones anchored on our current knowledge.

What changes do you think will happen.


We're the 4th of December 2016.
This episode will be a bit special, I need your help to build it.
As usual the episode will be pushed on Github.
But I'll leave it open ended for anyone to add his or her prediction to it.

All you have to do is:
1) Say your nick
2) Say if it's a short term or long term prediction, the more precise, the
3) Continue on with your prediction
4) Do a pull request on github ( )

Everything will be linked in the show notes.

Here are some example of things you can talk about:

1. The year of the Linux desktop (not Unix), when can you put a date on that?
2. How will nodejs take over the Linux kernel?
3. Will sentient machines run on Unix? Why?
4. Plan9 will strike back someday, but how?
5. Will there ever be a Unix like system that works fine on mobile devices or
anything that differs from the current keyboard+screen combination type of
interaction, how and why?
6. When will Google buy all Unix trademarks and then buy Microsoft? How will that
7. Will there ever be a new game changing type of UI that will be initiated by
Unix before any other OS, what would that look like? Why would it discover
it before others?
8. will this decentralization trend continue, micro services to which
point or why will it stop

So let's go,
I'm looking forward for your imagination to run wild.

Whatever changes are gonna happen.
Someday, we'll have to face them otherwise we'll be outdated old folks.
As developers and system administrators knowing whatever tech is in trend is a must.

Barbarians at the gate.
The cycle continue, new vs old.

We had a previous un-recorded podcast episode regarding what will happen in
5 years (now it would be 4 years) in the Unix world.
I would consider those as short term preditions.

Let's recap a bit.
And then I'll add my own prediction.

List of predictions:
  • venam (7:20-9:40)


If you want to contribute check this thread.

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