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Have you guys heard about the Gemini PDA? It's a clamshell hardware keyboard phone, made by a London based company Planet Computers. It comes with Android by default, but they open-sourced the bootloader and the kernel, and you can already run Debian & postmarketOS on it. I backed it during the campaign, people are already receiving them, mine should arrive end of this month. I bought it for hacking and experimentation, but I will try it as my daily driver phone too.

First off I want to see how well a 'TUI' (inside X) on postmarketOS would work, e.g. orgmode for calendar and todo lists (I already use this on my lappy), newsboat (and KOreader) for reading, profanity and irssi for chat..etc -- and just wanna see generally how useful would I find it working from the terminal. I will also try setting keyboard shortucts for most common apps, and work out some multitasking view (wm recommendations are welcome :)) I'm also interested in trying Sailfish OS, and postmarketOS with a mobile GUI, like Hildon. I'm not very interested in running Android on it, but I will try. It's not very well suited for landscape orientation in my experience. Especially the thick application 'headers' and 'footers' bother me.

I will post some workflow videos when it arrives.

Indiegogo link:

Maybe the best video currently out there (there aren't many):

Their website:

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