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Long time nixers
How was your 2021? Both in the computer and real lives?
What have you learned, read, achieved, created or (not) done this year?


Different from 2020, now I had online classes both semesters, so most of my time was dedicated to the uni.

I read mostly school stuff. Had to read some Java books about its virtual machine, which culminated with the creation of a simple jvm. Weirdly, this small school project of mine got popular and there was a course using it. I also read Tanenbaum's books on Networking and Operating Systems for my Networking and Operating System classes, respectively.
I also read a book about Troff and a book about AWK, which made me more interested in both programs.
There are books that I began to read in 2020, that I slowly and continuously read through 2021 and that I have not finished yet. They are SICP and APUE, which contains a lot of exercises and theory that take time to digest. I'm currently doing some dozens of pages per month at a slow pace.

I rewrote my window manager from scratch and now it is a completely different beast.
Most of my X programs got packaged into mainstream distros this year. Including OpenBSD, the OS I use.

I achieved the "ricing peak" at the middle of this year. I had spent too much time on 2020 testing new themes and programs to have the perfect desktop. But now I am so comfortable with my desktop that it has not changed for months.

This was a boring year IRL, not that different from 2020. Except for a few things, like a bigger covid belly, nothing relevant happened.

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