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Long time nixers
Despite all of my time getting used to it, I still often find myself tense and uneasy while working in Windows.

But, it's often a necessity to run a Windows OS for work/school. Here's some things I use to ease the pain:

- Gow (because I have issues with Cygwin)
https://github.com/bmatzelle/gow (look @ the readme file)

It basically brings Unix commands to cmd.exe. This one is a life-saver.

- Rainmeter (Ultimate 'skinning' tool)

I still have not taken a deep dive into this one, but it's amazing! Woot!

- Vimperator (FF extension)

Vim keybindings for Firefox? I can't say no. I use this one on my Debian install as well.

So, what programs do you use to cope with using Winblows?


Note: LOL, you know you've been working for too long when you hit 'Ctrl+s' after writing a few sentences in a text-box in an internet browser.
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