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I know Redhat exams are practical and hands on but LPIC is all multiple choice questions right?

@shtols. From LPI's FAQ:

Q. There are many questions about obscure options for commands. Why are we supposed to know them?
A. The goal of LPI's tests is to identify competent, experienced people from among unqualified people. Experienced people tend to know more of these options than inexperienced people. For example, an experienced IT professional might answer 70% of these questions correctly versus only 30% by novices. To ensure the validity of these questions during our item pilot testing process we investigate the quality of new pilot (unscored) test items. If nobody answers the item correctly (or if everybody does), the item is useless and is removed. All scored test items on our exams have characteristics that are useful in making the distinction between qualified and unqualified persons.

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