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Informative thread but I think we should scale down the images. It's for those who are on smaller displays and have bandwidth problems.
I tried GhostBSD but it just failed to boot correctly and that was before I found and tried FreeBSD. I may try NetBSD on my netbook when I get round to buying it. I'm currently trying to get FreeBSD working on a 95' system, nice high quality post mate.
OpenBSD is really awesome. Too bad I rely on my closed source Nvidia drivers.
Yes, but not the latest like I want. OpenBSD is always my option on hardware without a proper graphics card.
Isn't FreeBSD the same as PC-BSD just with a gui ?
(23-12-2012, 04:07 PM)Lith Wrote: Isn't FreeBSD the same as PC-BSD just with a gui ?

I haven't looked into it, I'm not sure if PC-BSD uses all the packages and ports available to FreeBSD. I think it auto configures specific things and whatnot you'd have to do manually in FreeBSD. Can't speak from experience so don't take it to heart.
Well i've just been 'scouting' the interwebz and they are saying 'PC-BSD is FREEBSD just with a GUI which is aimed at desktops and to be more friendly, i might actually give this a go on one of my laptops/
I read on Phoronix, but cannot find the article anymore, but I thought I saw that this developer ported Ubuntu Touch to BSD for tablets. I am not sure tho as whether or not that is correct, as I said I can't find the article.
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
Has anyone tried Debian/kFreeBSD?
Seems kinda cool.

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