2bwm / alt wm on OSX? - OS X
Can someone post/link a guide for installing 2bwm or any alternative (customisable) window manager on OSX?

Or at least point me into the right direction...

I've seen http://saveosx.org/ but surely the wm's on there don't work out of the box, r-r-right?
I'd actually like to know more about this as well, seeing as I may have to buy an MBP in the near future...
I'm mainly looking at yBeatie/MacBeastie/whateverhisnickisonthissite, he promised a tutorial once on reddit but never delivered.
Ask yrmt, he's a osx god.
I'm running bspwm on OS X. This is some advice:

Install XQuartz (http://xquartz.macosforge.org/landing/)
I recommend installing pkgin from saveosx.org (http://saveosx.org/pkgin-howto/).
It makes it easy to install many wm's. Full list here: http://pkgsrc.saveosx.org/Darwin/2013Q3/x86_64/wm/

Alternatively you could install one from source, though you may need to edit the makefile for it build properly.

Then you need to setup the ~/.xinitrc. This works the same as it does on linux.
You can use /Applications/Utilities/Console.app to find out why XQuartz won't start.

You can find my xinitrc on github at: https://github.com/stayradiated/dotfiles...WM/xinitrc
(09-05-2014, 11:25 PM)Gen Wrote: Ask yrmt, he's a osx god.
ymrt = yBeastie and MacBeastie
Pretty much what stayrad said. You might want to get 2bwm from source to configure it the way you like.
How do you configure 2bwm?
It doesn't seem to load ~/2bwm.conf by default.
It's configured at compilation time through its config.h. So edit it, and recompile 2bwm

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