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When I first discovered how to enable syntax highlighting in vim, nearly a year ago:
(Crunchbang with Openbox)

And here's another, taken shortly after:
I cannot find my very first scrot; but here is one after a year on Linux.

[Image: 4ayovhj.png]
SpongeboZZ; Bikini Bottom Mafia/
You're cock-sucker, bitch/ silence while godfathers speech/
yeah/ da plancton in muh blunt/ gangster squarepants witha gun/
Sponge iz the bozz in da buiz/ you're creating silly trash/
i'm creating hollywood shit/
heres one awhile back when i was using gnu/linux this is my first screenshot i uploaded to deviantart

[Image: awesomewm_by_ipodpunker-d5u58oi.png]

yep! shitty
Finally found some not very "old" scrots, on my reddit profile. Arround a year ago.

MCWM on my Pi and my old laptop.

[Image: yAWPI.png]

Laptop running debian
[Image: 38eOGJO.png]
[Image: GCbMx16.png]
Hi this is my first time here i have some 2002 ss

[Image: shot1.jpg]
Nice fluxbox feels
thats BlackBox + BitchX i think like the first time playing with RedHat and the other partition was Windows XP running LiteStep gave me a flashback !! :P
What a wallpaper :P

But nice theme.
yeah never use that wall again but i think thats my first scrot on Linux
Heh, np man! I was kidding anyway, because I used to be a Apple Fanboy :3

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