What shell do you guys use? - BSD
i use zsh. it seems like there's a completion system for everything. i also like the simple setup for thinks like keybindings, prompts, path expansions, extended glob searches, and it's own internal function system for thinks like git.
Fish (http://fishshell.com/)!

It's really cool. Offers a lot of improvements over bash like zsh but without the hours spent configuring it.
i use zsh and bash for scripting on linux, bsd and osx
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(30-07-2014, 10:06 AM)JerrySpringerIsMyDad Wrote: I usually end up using bash. Is there and good reason I shouldn't?
there isn't by any means anything wrong with bash. buuuut, zsh is a bit more flexible, is entirely compatable with bash, and weighs less.
zsh for looking pretty, mksh for everything else.
zsh on my personal machines, bash on servers or anything that comes by default on the OS.
Mostly bash for interactive use, but I (try) to write POSIX shell scripts (/bin/sh on my server is aliased to /bin/busybox, so ash by default)
I like to give users zsh for interactive stuff, for root-affairs always mksh.
With scripts it depends on the needs. Should it be portable -> /bin/sh. Should it be fancy -> zsh. In any other case I use bash for scripting, because it's easy to handle.
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I use zsh with zsh-syntax-highlighting when I want to look good. oh-my-zsh is too heavy for me.
`which sh`


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