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I finished Elfen lied. WTF was this ending, always Japanese are playing with our minds. The same thing happened to me when watching Full-metal Alchemist (the original , not the baby version) and so many others. They just freaking explode our minds!
Still I'm addicted to animé because they are tremendous!
Claymore was brilliant, first anime I ever watched before Deathnote and Bleach. Clannad has to be my favorite though. You can watch the entire season online in English or original language. I made the mistake of watching most of it in its original language before I realized it had an English dubbed option but I still enjoyed it. When I watched the end I felt slightly depressed because there were no more, its that saddening.
I just finished watching "Welcome to NHK" and I must say WOW, it's impressive, touching, deep. I liked it and recommend it. Though I keep getting this weird feeling when I finish watching/reading an anime/mangas.
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