Go isn't a systems language though ;D
There isn't really enough traffic to warrent keeping programming languages segmented so much. Just a giant "Programming" section, or maybe one for "Scripting Languages" and one for "Programming Languages"?
Rust can also have another Home, under the Desktop Customization Scrot section, some guy created a tiling window manager from the Rust language, it's available from github.
Shameless advertising: I'm also writing a WM in Rust myself, just as a fun sideproject though unlike wtftw. Here is the repo if you want to check it out.

That being said, I don't think that WMs should have individual sections in Desktop Customization. There really isn't enough traffic on this forum to warrent splinting the already slow master section for that.
Definitely not. having thousands of threads will only bring thousands more dusty threads. Same goes for prog languages or text editors or whatever.

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