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Hello fellow nixers,
Last summer we had a Unix challenge thread and one of the most interesting challenge was to spend a whole week in the TTY.
This means no X at all.

Last time it was pretty fun so we're going to do it again this summer.

This thread is to prepare the schedule and list who's in.

The challenge will start on Friday 26.
You can find the timer here
I'm all for this. But how will I watch netflix?
mplayer -vo framebuffer

I'm in! Though it's gonna be hard in my case... (windows host + web based maintenance). So I'll not be able to do everything in TTY at work like I did last year.
But you can totally count me in for home station!
^ same.

i'm in at home as well. i can try my best at work, but idk. i will keep a log
I'm down for giving it a go, although I am still bad at getting info from websites (using w3m sucks) but everything else I am a go on, I think ...
Wish I could participate. Web dev don't allow me to though. :(
Eduan / greduan
I came up with the requirements for the countdown program. I'll work on it when I get a bit of free time.
  • It has a daemon interface and a client
  • The client displays the time left
  • The daemon automatically kills all X sessions
  • The daemon checks an online timer, once it expires it displays "END!" and the daemon is automatically stopped
  • An admin can set the online timer
As long as I can play video and browse the web (which I can, framebuffer is actually quite good), I'll be fine. A harder challenge would be something crazy, like doing everything in Emacs for a week.
my website: kaashif.co.uk
This is easy, most of the websites I visit are text-based anyways.
I created a repository for the timer we'll use.

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