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The challenge will start Friday 26.
That's great, that's after my last exam, I'll have loads of time to do this. For the record, I really can't be bothered to learn dvtm or tmux, so I'll just use Emacs. Gnus for email, eww for internet, Emacs for "window" management... this'll be a piece of cake, I already use all of that!
my website: kaashif.co.uk
I'm gonna start the timer tonight, get ready everyone.
Don't forget to update this thread when you are in the challenge!
I'll take the challenge this year too! Only at work though. I can't handle it at work.
I'm gonna play some dwarffortress again :P
I'm done with the challenge.
I've left some logs on my blog for those interested http://venam.nixers.net/blog/unix/2015/0...-week.html.
That was an awesome read. You're my hero!
Great write up, cheers.
I can't believe I missed this!
I did as well! Wait, but not! I already did this once, for two weeks without the week-end (web browsing).

To me, webdesign is like art (i mean the hand-made blogs I see here and there, not these JavascriptIsRequiredToContinue ones) so stopping it was like a pain. That is also why I do not have custom css.

Tools that may come usefull:

<h2>Modular tools: vi/mg + console + whatnot</h2>

- fbida: image (<code>fbi</code> and pdf (<code>fbgs</code>) viewer in framebuffer.
- But framebuffer is not text console! there are text image viewers too: <a href="https://github.com/atextor/icat">icat</a>, my favorite, cacalib , that does not deserves its name due to <a href="http://caca.zoy.org/study/">impressive dithering algorithms</a>, libaa...

<h2>Emacs users</h2>

Hehe, you already have everything in the terminal...

But there is no image. So I played with elisp and produced this: https://github.com/sshbio/drawille

You can have all blocks drawing characters in tty, but not the braille ones (for drawille), as ther are 256 braille characters and these would fill the whole characters slot, not letting space for even the alphabet.


You can <a href="https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?pid=770649#p770649">port your favorite font</a> to the psf format to use in tty.

I advise you to use <a href="https://github.com/sshbio/miniwi/tree/a1acb0ca2eea4637d02478374a853ba10d298e1f/bdf-to-psf">these equivalents and these font sets</a> to have the most complete coverage substituting characters with similar one when not available. The TTY have a maximal number of characters of 256.

W3M in another tty with root can display images directly in the tty!

You can use custom theme in the tty. Not only setting wether of the 8 available colors or setting them bold or not for your prompt or editor, but actually setting the console color by choosing theme like #F3F802. You can export to linux console at terminal.sexy.

So you have a terminal with image support (w3m) and custom font and colors. What else :)


Today, I use both, as I have very little frontier between the two, and I sometimes forget that there is no mouse in tty, or a mouse in X11.

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