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This is a "I CAN'T READ IT'S TOO SMALL" version, at 12 px:

[Image: vis3x1l.png]

It only have ASCII characters, and you will need font substitution a lot. On the left, it is the same tmux sesion with tewi, that is just as big, butt feels smaller.

11px (in fact 12, 11 does not include space between characters) is now perfectly legible for me. But as it gets more legible for the same size, it could be made even smaller, like 10 px ?
I was just thinking the right seemed smaller than the left... looks great.
[Image: Pb2Uv0c.png]

TTY really feels like home to me.

- "Window Manager": tmux
- Video in top left corner: mplayer framebuffer mode.
- Stuff you already know

[EDIT]: More detailled explainations if needed:
[EDIT2]: Simpler workflow.
[EDIT3]: Function to right-align

I open TTY, in it I login as normal user and startx tmux (or DVTM).

In a shell with enough priviledges, I start the video. Do it with normal user if it can have access to framebuffer (audio + video group?) or with sudo otherwise:

$ mplayer -vo fbdev2 -geometry 0:0 -vf scale=300:-3
            ^                   ^             ^   ^
           /                    |              \   `----- Vertical size: automatic
Sets the driver     Position: top left      Horizontal size: change it as you want
to fbdev2
fbdev did not                      Make sure the size is not bigger than
worke for me                       or it will complain a lot!

The video should now be small in the top left hand corner of the screen. You can setup the tmux panes to have the terminal playing the video just under the small video.

But if we want to use w3m, we need its tmux pane to be at the top left corner, or the images will be shifted, as it does not recognise the position of the pane.

Solution (fixed):

        for arg in "$1" "$2"
                case "$arg" in
                        [0-9]*) local width="${width-$arg}" ;;
                        *)      local video="${video-$arg}" ;;
        printf 'width: %s\nvideo: %s\n' "$width" "$video"

        local x="$(sed 's/,.*//' /sys/class/graphics/fb0/virtual_size)"
        local y="$(sed 's/.*,//' /sys/class/graphics/fb0/virtual_size)"
        printf 'x: %s\ny: %s\n\n' "$x" "$y"

        if [ -z "$2" ]
                mplayer -vo fbdev2 -vf scale="$x":"$y" "$video"
                mplayer -vo fbdev2 -vf scale="$width":-3 -geometry \
                        "$(($x - $width))":0 "$video"

This will take two arguments: a number (the size) and the video name, in any order. It will put the video in the top riht hand corner, or if no size specified, it will play the video scaled to fullscreen.

[Image: W9xk0ko.png]
wow sshbio, great setup! Thanks for the great breakdown of the command too! :D
sshbio: Did you use vain's explain tool to generate that?
He's on the forums too :D .
I didn't know about the placement of the window, that'll come in handy instead of having mplayer superposed in the middle of the screen.
Thank you ninjacharlie and Venam! I'll update it today with a simple fuction to right-align the video, for it not to clash with w3m.

I did not use it, but it would have been very useful. Thank you for the tip.
We will again repeat this experiment this year.

If you want to participate it will take place between the 21th and 27th of June.

Get your TTY ready.
┐ ┬┬─┐┐─┐
└┌┘├─ └─┐
.┆ ┴─┘──┘

we need to lay down the ground rules
I'm in for this year ! I just have to learn to use framebuffer as good as sshbio.
I'd like to participate, but there's nooooo way that I can do this at work (I also use Arch there). :/

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