Which BSD do you use? - BSD
Void Linux, NixOS and Slackware are the three which come to my mind. Admittedly, NixOS is a different distro.
OpenBSD is my most favorite one out there.
I just started playing with OpenBSD. Enjoying it so far.
I've been meaning to try BSD out. Now with me throwing a server out of spare parts into the hall at the university seems like a good starting point. I messed around with openBSD a bit, trying to get full disk encryption set up, but the disk labels eluded me. I also found out that I'm not able to run a Teamspeak server on it, so I'll try FreeBSD when I have my hands on it again. (I'd use mumble, course, but moving people is hard.)
OpenBSD's encryption is damn easy to set up IMO. Can I help?
When I get my hands on the system I'll try again. I'll be sure to ask you if I end up having problems.
OpenBSD. And OpenBSD.
i started using openbsd on all my servers (mail, web, *dav, irc, xmpp) and i really enjoy it. in my opinion it is very well-engineered and clean. documentation is really great and helpful (you do not need google searches). additionally i like the community.
OpenBSD is my favourite. But in my actual laptop it doesn't support the network card.
So I used FreeBSD temporary before going back to Linux.
openbsd right now, though I just learned there is no audio over hdmi suppport nor bluetooth. I don't use either of those, but just a heads up for anyone else considering it.

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