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Long time nixers

Many tools are built to receive input and produce output, either from stdin or files. Or at least to interact with them at some point. This way, most can be integrated independently with each other.

This also makes the workflow reliable: If one part does not work on a machine, the rest can still be used.


I tried multiple approaches, but most of them was too complex in their working and to use afterward. By simplifying it, I gained in simplicity in my mind while working, including removing tools, particularly duplicated, and then, as everything is simple, I can interact fast with the machine.

I removed a lot of duplicates: No multiple buffers in vim, no vim splits inside tmux split inside window manager split: Only the window manager split. And then, vim windows, browser tabs, pdf documents are all at the same level, and I can compose them altogether.

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(23-05-2016, 01:38 AM)venam Wrote: Unix tools that facilitate how he uses commands

Oh, and all the shell scripts written out of these tools may also be part of the workflow then... These shell scripts automating repetitive tasks greatly improve workflow as well.

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