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Introduction To The Podcast
We will discuss how the podcast will take place.

Link of the recording [ https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nixers...-04-11.mp3 or https://raw.githubusercontent.com/nixers...-04-11.ogg ].

Hello all, this is the intro to the podcast!

In this podcast we explained how everything will take place.

Here's a summary:

The podcast has 2hours assigned.
You can set your schedule on the http://podcast.nixers.net, ask for your key on IRC or on the forums (ask venam).

Join the mumble channel talk.nixers.net or chat.z3bra.org

30min before the podcast we all join for the following reasons:
We test the mics.
We get people comfortable.
We choose a creative introduction.
We organize a bit what we're gonna discuss.
We choose which questions we're gonna reply to in the "last week segment".

In the 30min after the podcast we discuss possible next weeks topics.

1) Introduction:
A special intro to the Nixers podcast.
It's something creative and that introduces the topic to be discussed.

2) The main segment:
It's very open and cool discussion, no pressure.
We all talk about our experience with the subject and what we researched.
People can send questions on IRC or on the forums (to be answered in the podcast, or on the spot)

3) Last weeks review:
We review what we did in last week podcast and answer questions that were asked after the show.
You can post them here: https://nixers.net/showthread.php?tid=1577

4) Added segment of the podcast:
We talk about what we did during the week, recent news, anything goes!

5) Outro
That's where the podcast ends and we gather podcast show notes.

Possible future topics:

* Reuse topics from this thread
* Distro hoping, all you need to know. (distro for certain topic)
* Managing multiple unix boxes, your experiences.
* Virtualization, a concept that changed the way we interact with operating systems.
* Licenses: Where can you use them, what's available
* Past and future of Unix: bash on windows, virtualization
* Sharing a system: resources, services, checking access, and security; making sure everything is right

Remember to check this thread at the end of every week.