I tried but this did not work, not enough colors.

z3bra's palette have plenty of colors, venam drew a canvas by melting those primary colors up to 256 colors (or is it your theme?), and if we are very good at it, we could go as high as 16 millions.

Pretty decent for art!

[EDIT] Yes, primary colors of the terminal, not the same as for painting or screens...
I'm sorry I forgot about this contest.
If anyone still want to submit something it would be cool.
So here is my very late submission :P

It is still not valid, as it only displays one color at a time, but you can select which one you want, so you can cover the whole palette.

For help, type "lightsaber whatever".

[BONUS] Just share it as much as you want, but I only posted a link in this thread (no reddit): nixers first!

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(09-11-2016, 05:50 PM)josuah Wrote:
I like how it even retracts when you stop the script.
Well done.
i never really finished this, but i dont think i'm gonna work on it anymore, so here it is...


[Image: pukeskull.png]

fix urls

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