I'll try and be there. That's 3AM my time but I'll probably be up.
Not sure if I can make it this saturday, but I'll definitely try!

+1 for the recordings
This sounds great; I'd love to get a handle on networking. What will I need to attend, just mplayer like with the tests in the IRC?
Just to clear things up, the stream will start on sunday, at 10 am UTC. I updated the first post to give more informations.

Amd yeah, I'll record it. But having people online at this time mmwill be great for Q&A.
I'd like to perform the two next courses this week, probably wednesday or thursday for the first one, and saturday for the second. I'll keep you updated when the times will be fixed.
Next session: This thursday, at 17:30 UTC !
1. I'm downloading these all ...................... [x]

2. I'm watching these on the train ............. [x]

3. I come back here and thank you all ...... [x]

Thank you z3bra !

To go further, I watched Raj Jain videos, not as good as z3bra's ;) but more of them covering more topics:


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