fro is tilted for no reason, +Q my nick, keeps glining me, and kickbanning me from #unix. I didn't do anything to deserve this OP abuse.
Here are the logs.
Fro first kicked you as a joke, because of your blog post about drugs.
He then infuriated when you mentioned ddosing the server because we had those in the past and won't tolerate it again.

Now, I don't manage the irc so you'll have to apologize yourself.

You need to understand that those kinds of threats are taken extremely seriously, even if they were a joke on your part.
I'll add to this.

from the MOTD:

─── - some simple rules:
─── - -> no cloning
─── - -> no spamming
─── - -> no flooding
─── - -> do not harass other users
─── -
─── - we reserve the right to deny service to anyone
─── - at any time for any reason.
─── -
─── - thank you for using unix.chat, and have a pleasant stay.
─── End of /MOTD command.

I'd say threats of "nullrouting" the network fall under harassment. It fits the legal definition of the term and if not there's still that bit about denying service for any reason.

I'll consider removing the bans after an apology.

However, you shouldn't apologize to me but rather the other users of the network.
Isn't the MOD's behavior - kicking as "a joke" - harassment itself?
It might've been if it had been done more than once.

It wasn't.

Also, there's still the business of me being an oper.

There's still the other line from the MOTD that absolves me.

Not that any of this matters because it's not up for debate.
I'm not apologizing to you cunt, I'll just come back on another alias lmao
Don't get tilted so quick, learn how to take a joke it's IRC
The outcome will be the same.

This is my last reply in this thread.
(30-07-2016, 09:56 AM)fro Wrote: There's still the other line from the MOTD that absolves me.

I'm not really sure if this is how you should do your job.
Point definitely proven: fro network-killed me for accusing him of misusing his power. (Which he obviously does: "I have the rights, so I am right" is not really true in most of the cases.)
Then he perma-banned me for setting him on /ignore like I do with everyone who trolls and doesn't know how to act friendly towards other people.

I seriously think this is unacceptable behavior. nixers.net's IRC channel is not your personal realm. Please make your personal channel if you want to kick people "because you can", but I don't think it is acceptable for a friendly community like this one.
This has gotten a bit out of hands.
Both sides are over-evaluating the situation.

It wasn't fine to kick people just "as a joke" and just "because you can".
It wasn't fine to say you were gonna null the server and take it offline.

Now everyone should get over it.


The things I've learned from online drama are that:
  • It's a waste of time
  • It's never worth it
  • Most of those drama come out of things unrelated to the community that shouldn't even be discussed much
  • People over emphasize on it
  • The more people emphasize, the more it gets dramatized and disagreements grow into monsters
  • Not everyone wants to build, some want to destroy, they take the opportunity when drama grow
  • Online anonymity has its drawbacks
  • If you leave it on the side you get back as best friends


Now if you still want to reply to this thread it's your choice.

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