Just curious, what platforms would you, or do you, use to run your blog? Wordpress, ghost, jekyll, hugo, etc? Any particular reason?
BSD Makefiles! You can check the source here: git://
Jekyll because I'm hosting on GitHub Pages. All in all, it feels like a pretty sane tool.

(22-08-2016, 07:16 PM)z3bra Wrote: BSD Makefiles! You can check the source here: git://

Friendly reminder that the old tools like cat and the lost M4 are incredibly handy (Caution: Mild rambling).
Same here, I'm running my blog on Jekyll.
The template system is useful and it's not complicated to setup.
I run my blog on Jekyll, like most people here. Hosting for free on GitHub Pages.

Tried Ghost before leaving my VPS but I'd stay with Jekyll because of its consumption.
Thanks everyone. I have used jekyll for a personal wiki site I was running on Worked really well for how I was using it. I was thinking of setting up a public blog of my own as well using Jekyll.

Reason I ask though, my wife has a need for a blog and I cannot trust WordPress specifically. I used to work in the web hosting industry and what I saw there was enough to blacklist Wordpress forever. So I need something she can use. Though, I am confident I can adequately teach the syntax of the kramdown for writing the posts in jekyll to her. Then I can do the build and deployment. She is leaning towards ghost, as I got that up and running. Wanted to run nginx with modsecurity as the proxy. But I know absolutely nothing of the nodejs platform and so I fear I will bwork it all up and make it more vulnerable.
You could use mine.

No dynamic code on your server required. Plus, live support on by me. :D

Oh, nice, I already found it while crawling static websites generators. I do not need this elaborated websites, so I did a script `www`.

There are a lot of static websites generator!

- <- My favorite
Yeah, has been particularly useful in this hunt. That other one has better listings though. Thanks for the link!

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