Keeping a system lean - GNU/Linux
I have never used a ports system, but does it do any of that automatically? It can't know that I'm done using the dep. So I need to manually run clean-up correct?

I'm not opposed to a clean-up process, just trying to figure out a clean way to have minimal updates. So far I've settled on a container, much like a chroot build system. I have my runtime OS that then only does updates on required packages, nothing superfluous. My build container then keeps all the deps installed permanently, and they get updated when I run system updates. I'm not overly concerned with the build container becoming bloated.

I think I'm just over-complicating it... As I tend to do.
the only way to keep a system lean is by using plan 9

this is a proven fact.
(24-02-2017, 09:42 PM)apk Wrote: the only way to keep a system lean is by using plan 9

How do you dare indirectly critizising the eternal, beautiful temple OS? Shame on you.

But you are of course right.
Aha. The saga continues. I started using the nix package manager for this, which has helped tremendously. I am also in the midst of standing up my own hydra server to use as a nix-channel.

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