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Well, HADOPI still exists in France, but it is less problematic that it was. Also, it only concerns illegal downloads, not streaming media.

Get caught downloading something once, you receive a letter asking you to stop.
Get caught downloading something again, you receive a second letter.
Get caught downloading something AGAIN, well, third letter, amd perhaps a fee (not a big one though)
(14-06-2017, 09:44 AM)venam Wrote: It's going to be a radio but only the listener can choose to listen to it or not according to where he/she lives?

for my understanding, it does not matter where the listener is located, according to this [1] (from 2013) [2] (from 2010) the physical server/datacenter location decides about jurisdiction.

So it does not suffice if the domain is in some state with lax copyright laws it is actual the physical server location... Hm, that makes it really hard to get a good setup... Thanks for supplying the information, jvarg!
(14-06-2017, 04:22 PM)mrtn Wrote: that makes it really hard to get a good setup

If i'm not wrong here, it makes it quite easy. There are a lot of options regarding server location for a VPS at DO/VULTR one can choose... and since a domain name does not change the physical location of a server it does not matter at all.

EDIT: seems like cloud hosting is another thing..
"In a scenario where a non-U.S. data center is operated by an entity that is under the effective control of an entity subject to U.S. jurisdiction, then the entity subject to U.S. jurisdiction typically cannot refuse to comply with the law enforcement request on the basis that the data is held in a data center located outside of the United States." [1]

How about an onion service then? I think that could be a useful solution in regards to jurisdiction enforcement
I've been using MPD's HTTP output to provide internet radio to some friends, and it works very nicely.

The configuration is pretty minimal compared to Icecast/ffserver; it's just another output definition in MPD's configuration (I'm happy to share what I have, if wanted).

In terms of synchronizing multiple libraries, I know a few people who have had luck with a similar setup + NFS shares.

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