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Quote:Diversity in implementations is the key to solid software!

I disagree politely:

Especially if it has been solved well, as in these cases.
(11-11-2018, 07:07 PM)pranomostro Wrote: I disagree politely

I think for a lot of people, the closer the software is to their daily workflow, the more likely they will want to make their own implementation.

Think of the sheer number of terminals, shells, window managers, all these system basics. I would argue that this software diversity is due to the simple want that people have for the tools that often use to be to their exact specifications.

Reinventing the wheel is not the same thing as creating an implementation of an existing piece of software that works for your workflow.
I know of no single GNU tool that was not just reinventing the wheel.
(11-11-2018, 08:33 AM)Steph Wrote: I know this a little outside of the interest area of people on nixers, but I've been working at optimizing algorithms to generate prime numbers.

Im slightly addicted to project Euler.
Project Euler *is* very addictive. I started using sagemath but had to drop it for lack of time.
(11-11-2018, 08:45 PM)jkl Wrote: I know of no single GNU tool that was not just reinventing the wheel.

For the GNU project:
The license > the software

They don't care about reinventing the wheel as long as its under the GPL
Which is quite a pointless thing.
I really liked z3bra's idea of writing something that the participants may use after the competition.

The situation is slightly more complex, this is an official competition with professional judges, not a casual, friendly thing made by some students. I can't just write an RSS reader without making it extremely unique, making it essentially a different type of program, not an rss reader anymore. If it's not unique I don't get points, so I have to innovate quite a bit. I didn't have any ideas for what such an innovation may be, so I created this thread to exchange ideas. I'm sorry for letting this confusion happen.

I am currently working on a new shell based on posix shell and the sam text editor. It will allow you to manipulate text using sam-like commands and use other unix tools on the system for text processing and scripting. With the power of sam addresses and commands, and unix tools, you could use this shell i'm building either as a script-friendlier shell or as an alternative for awk!
Make it a graphical shell with sam's window system!
To experiment with the idea of using structural regular expressions in a shell, I started implementing some sam commands as cli programs. I made three of them:
  • e - this one opens the file for editing
  • ca - changes the dot
  • p - prints the contents of the dot

The mode of operation is by chaining them with pipes.

Here I open plan9's man(1)'s page, go to line 20 and select the whole nroff paragraph.
[Image: dgyQ.png]

Here, I am searching for some random text in a lorem impsum and I want to get the whole line where the matched text is:

[Image: epGJ.png]

I will implement actual text manipulation facilities in the near future.
That is really interresting! This is a radically different approach to "shell scripting" there, that is more text-oriented than today's shell!
Can't wait to see how it evolves.

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