Hey guys,

I was wondering if any of you guys were going to FOSDEM this year?
I will be there for the 2 days and it would be great if we could meet some nixers there!

At some point I really want to go to Europe. It'd be really cool to meet cool people and visit. Maybe I'll be able to go to FOSDEM 2020!
I will probably be attending, it depends on whether I can convince some of my friends to come along.
Would be my first time going to FOSDEM, what should I expect?
That's my first time too, so no idea what to expect. I'm going alone btw, so if you're searching for.new friends there I'm ok ;)
https://fosdem.org/2019/schedule/event/d...factoring/ looks good -- won't be able to make it though. :/
What other conferences are interesting to attend or that you will personally go to. I might book one this year.

Maybe it should be posted to another thread because we don't have one already on that, only one about certifications and trainings.
maybe i come z3bra, but im not sure, I was there two years ago and it was fantastic
You missed it bro, that was a couple weeks ago. That was cool though and I'd like to go next year again
oh fuck, at the university again?im so fucking busy at work atm im out of head, so sorry bro

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