What is your favorite programming language to program on *nix? - Programming On Unix
My previous comment mentioned my current job is at a .NET shop, but we do have a couple small internal services written in Go. For those, we use Go's mod feature so that you don't need a $GOPATH, which thankfully Pike and co have decided to move away from.

`go build` produces a single executable containing the runtime, libraries, and application code (as long as the libraries are pure go, the C FFI is a whole different animal). The executable is then ran as a service on a server, no need to install any runtime server-side.

As an aside, I always had a strong dislike for the whole $GOPATH thing, and I'm glad that go's maintainers have come up with a system to replace it.
This sound interresting indeed, would you have any link to this "mod feature" ?
https://blog.golang.org/modules2019 is a pretty good overview
I try to use C as much as I can, but usually I'm just trying to hack something together and the extra effort isn't worth it. Back in my Minecraft plugin development days I used to use Java (oh god), Kotlin and Scala. Scala was a very nice language, I was very much in love with functional programming, but it was much too slow to compile.

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