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(24-12-2012, 12:41 PM)Lith Wrote: Rob, you learning 'C' because you're study or just want to know 'C' have you got the Book 'The C Programming Language' ?

How old are you btw (if ya don't mind) and how long you been at 'C' ? what about C++ ?

im learning HTML/XHTML (did try C++ years back but gave me a headache lol...)

What programs you got on ya system to 'code' in 'C' ???

Just want to know C, yes I've got the physical copy of that book. I'm seventeen and eighteen in March. It's on and off at the moment but I'm definitely progressing, I don't have too much spare time. I use vim with numbered lines and syntax colouring in the vimrc config for writing C and the gcc compiler to compile it. I have a directory labelled "C" in my home directory which is where all my C work, examples, source and compiled executables go.
C is indeed a great language :D I am quite comfortable with C++ as of now though I did not learn it enough to code drivers or something low level to communicate with hardware but I will learn C and then get into programming of lower level stuff.
Anyway, I see there's going to be some activity.. Lets hope for the best :D

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