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I recently reinstalled "zim", which is a tool to have a "desktop wiki", useful for notes. Some of my old notes are still there, including stuff from the time where I was a young linux user, and still had to work with windows. Here are the tools mentioned in the "windows" area:

• xming
• mingw
• codeblocks
• winmerge
• notepad++
• ulk/guipro
• 7zip
• sumatrapdf
• filezilla

From my memory, some are absent (notes are from 2014), discovered in-between probably (at that time I wrote those notes, I didn't had to use windows, there were writen from memory). I notably remember:

* conemu


As for the WSL question... I've seen that crap at work, in my last job (not on my computer, but on a colleague's one). It's slow and buggy, better to use virtualbox and run a proper linux in there. Or , well, the usual: you use a system, learn to use it. Windows _can_ be efficient, if you know it.

Well, at Windows XP's time, it could. At W7's time, too. I'd assume it still can with W10, because say whatever you want, MS have impressive skills, very old softwares still work out of the box, unlike linux stuff: we can, sometimes, recompile from source, but 10 years old FOSS binaries are very unlikely to work on a modern debian (or it's children), and even the build system is broken often enough.

The points where MS failed imo (for me, when I still used it), are: 1) it's hard to learn it 2) they removed many WM features I really used, like the ability to "dock" a folder to screen borders so that you can access stuff in it real quick. I'm not sure about that, but I think they also removed the possibility of "select multiple windows with CTRL+click in «startbar»" to, then, ask the WM to optimize screen for the selection (yes, I think I may always have loved WM which does the job for me, it's not just something I've learned 10 years ago, I've always used such stuff, even in w3.1)

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