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Long time nixers
I suppose we do with what we have ay? I need to dig into powershell again. Almost all of my work is on Windows operating systems these days.

WSL1 was pretty limiting, but not horrible. Last year I was writing and playing around with some cross-platform Python scripts. Performance was noticeably bad, but still quite passable for what I was doing. I need to try WSL2 sometime soon!

FreeM metioned Zim. I'm checking that out right now. I've maintained a text file with all of my notes on software and hardware fixes for the past 13 years. It is about time that I turned it into a wiki!

On another note:

I'm still surprised to find that a thread I had posted in 2012 had been revived. It's good to see a community still alive after all of these years.

I still read Venam's blog every now in then as well. Old habits die hard I suppose. He's a bright fellow, and I enjoy how he expresses himself.

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