Maemo thread (Nokia 770/N8x0/N900) - Other Embedded Platforms and Hardware Hacking
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Thread all about Nokia's kick-ass tablets/phones that run pure Linux, with X11. I have an N800, which while doesn't have a lot of RAM, a little slow, and has minor problems, it's awesome.

Anyone else with a Nokia N-series?
oh those days

Years ago, when I didnt use *nix, my dad had that one which came before N800, had QWERT keyboard but I dont remember what N* it was :3

He sold it for 50€ or something, more that year ago and maybe 6months ago I ran to my dad and was like "WHEEERE IS THAT NOKIA "computer" THINY?! ME WANNA BOOT BSD ON IT!!" and he was like "meh, I sold it away"

Damn... I miss it, it was fun to play with even if you dont know *nix
Only the N810 and N900 came with a keyboard, and they were after the N800. All of the other Nokias ran Symbian or Series 40, which makes me puke a little.
yeah, it was N810 (after googleing for images) :3
I just an N810 in the mail yesterday; I'm currently in need of an SD card so that I can attempt a native install of Arch or Debian.
I got root within 5 minutes of powering the device on, which was a good feeling.

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