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(10-07-2013, 08:51 PM)shix Wrote:
(10-07-2013, 07:38 PM)yrmt Wrote: What are you using from jailbreaking?
Emulators, duh.

What kind of emulators?
Well, I personally am not able to sync my phone unless I'm jailbroken. I use ssh to copy new music onto my phone and then into my phone's music library. I wish iTunes for linux was a thing, but it isn't, and Wine doesn't run iTunes, so there's really no other way for me to do my music.

Oh, and muh mods. If I can't have five columns and six rows of icons, I'll be damned.

Being able to use the terminal is nice too. I think there's a portal of tmux for iOS on the way, and if it comes out, I'll just get a bluetooth keyboard for my phone and use tmux a lot.

Oh, and emulators.. I use the GBA emulator to play some of my old favorites. I used to use the old N64 emulator back when it still worked (on iOS 4) but that's the past. I hope the author of that project gets it back up and running, though. Buck Bumble and Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time would be nice on my phone.
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I'll make an iOS7 thread when my phone ships.
(11-07-2013, 08:03 AM)yrmt Wrote: :)

I'll make an iOS7 thread when my phone ships.
I look forward to it :D
I got an HHKB Mini on ebay for 80 bucks a few months ago, and it's the best keyboard I've ever used. I was afraid something would be wrong with it, but it ran like a champ... until a couple of weeks ago. It would intermittently stop working, and I think there's a short somewhere in it. I might fix it later on, but for the time being, I'm trying out a cheap gaming keyboard - a Rosewill RK-8300, and it *really* sucks. It's nowhere near as responsive, the keys seem too far apart, the board itself is too wide (The keyboard tray on my desk is only about 5 inches wider - which is a huge problem) and it looks gaudy.

I miss my HHKB. I need to get a soldering kit and fix it.
I also like that mug.

Standby I have a HHKB in the post.
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pro1 w/ tmk
Experiments in terror? I've had a good experience with this keyboard and I don't even miss keys that aren't available on this beauty. I've been on this for several years. I didn't expect this to become "a meme keyboard" in several places so that got me a bit surprised. I had an idea in the past so I dyed my arrow caps with iDye Poly colors and colors absorbed extremely well. Not many weeks ago I also installed silencing rings. My next project is to get some proper oil and/or grease to make these even more silent. I just love to fiddle and try different kind of modiciations.

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