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(31-08-2013, 08:31 PM)kopri Wrote: I type 60 wpm with QWERTY, but I don't use home keys, I mostly use 2 fingers because I'm an idiot. I was thinking of changing to Colemak and forcing myself to learn to type correctly.

When I peck at they keys I can only get around 20 wpm. We type similarly, that we don't use the home row keys.
The world is quaking from our Linux Thoughts!
Recently did the switch from QWERTZ to QWERTY. Best decision I made for a long period of time.
I am using the neo2 keyboard layout at the moment. I made my transition not-so-long-ago, november 2014, mostly because I read how qwerty was designed AND BECAUSE OF CAPS LOCK. Neo is a layout optimised for the german language, and it has also some quite interesting ideas about how a layout should be organized. For example, it replacse caps lock with a layer for special ascii characters like _[]^!<>=&\/{}*?()-:@#$|~`+%"'; (okay, I admit it, this was the whole layer). I like it because I can understand how it was designed and I learned touch-typing with it. Learning it was painful but worth it. I haven't measured my speed yet, but I feel very comfortable with it.

Website: www.neo-layout.org
QWERTY UK - what I was brought up with, no reason to change.
"de_capsergo": https://github.com/vain/arch-packages/tr...e-capsergo

It's based on QWERTZ, but AltGr has been moved to CapsLock, plus common symbols are easier to reach. For example "CapsLock" + j = [ or "CapsLock" + n = @. Typographical quotes like „these“, “these” or «those» are also easy to reach.

It still contains tweaks / variants for my previous laptops.

I guess the layout is not very useful for you non-QWERTZ guys, but I still wanted to post it because it demonstrates how easy it is to modify the Xorg and Linux keyboard layouts (without having to fiddle with xmodmap).
Default US ANSI layout. Have been thinking about slowly transitioning to something like colemak by swapping two keys at a time and slowly transitioning that way.
I use a mix of QWERTY UK and AZERTY + a few Unicode chars: https://github.com/Ypnose/dotfiles/blob/...mbols/kbyp
I use the qwerty layout with some layer changes on an ergoxdox at home - http://imgur.com/a/gCYjO
I use QWERTY myself -- just never changed it. I can hit 80wpm when using sites like 10fastfingers, but when I'm typing out of my head it's usually a little faster than when I'm having to process the words on the screen too.

I also instinctively start backspacing when I make an error on a word so that probably slows me down a little too. Not to mention I stubbed my middle finger the other day.
(02-09-2015, 10:38 AM)neeasade Wrote: I use the qwerty layout with some layer changes on an ergoxdox at home - http://imgur.com/a/gCYjO
ergodox envy

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