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Couldn't find a thread an I always find it interesting to know where people are from.

I am based in the UK near Liverpool, often travelling further North for work.
I'm a stones throw away from canadia, Maine.
Originally from Sydney, Australia. Now I reside in Gothenburg, Sweden.
Good idea! Surprised we didn't already have this thread now you mention it.

As Neo said, and as we've discussed on IRC, I'm from the UK. I live in a small market town called Hitchin, and I work in Central London :)
(29-08-2013, 03:25 PM)NeoTerra Wrote: You've got a pretty good gig going there man. Lucky you! :D
Heh, yeah, I do love my job :D

I'm from a little town called Wezembeek-Oppem near Brussels.
The thread title is misleading. Is the question "where are you from?" or "where are you living at the moment?".
I was born in Canada and lived there for 13 years.
I move to Lebanon some years ago and I'm currently settled there.
I'm from and I currently live in Finland, in a city called Joensuu. It's like 100km to Russian border.

I think I'm only finnish here atm =/

Never go to Mississippi ;_;
I'm from a suburb just 20 miles south of Chicago.
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