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This is part of the June events.

In previous years we've had the "Week in the TTY" where we forced ourselves to only use the TTY for an entire week.
This time, let's just make it either a full week in the TTY or a vintage OS/software stack/very limited hardware.

The week should be between Friday 25th and Wednesday the 30th of June.

Bump this thread with what you intend to try out during that week, be it the original week in the TTY or something else. Then when the week ends you can post what you've discovered.

Here are some ideas for the TTY:

Get comfortable with terminal multiplexers, the command line in general, command line and curses games, emailing from the cli, browsing the internet from the TTY through protocols you might not have tried such as gemini or gopher, chat from the cli, manage offline documentation, and more...
Long time nixers
In theory, the "week of the vintage software stack" sounds exactly like something I should participate in - have we agreed on a definition of "vintage" yet?
(01-06-2021, 02:36 PM)jkl Wrote: have we agreed on a definition of "vintage" yet
Make your own definition, but keep up with your own rules. As long as you learn something from the experience that you can share later on, then go for it!
I anticipate this to be a week without using my computer! Or at least, a week with less internet consumption. I want to try a week in the TTY. I am most often happy with 2, sometimes 3 terminals (tmux panes) and can get most things done from the command line (email, chat, file editing etc.).

However, I hardly need my laptop for much else other than browsing or playing music. Perhaps I should also strictly use the TTY and not even google things on my Android phone or other devices? It's not unheard of for me to not even touch my laptop for a whole week unless I have time to tinker.