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Hi, my names Dyzaster (The Dyzaster)

I was invited here by a good friend of mine, im happy to meet the people here, ive seen a few HQ posts so far and i think this is a much better forum then some ive been on in the past lol.

I do get in IRC alot, if anyone wants to chat just send me a PM with the IRC server and room and i can hop in :D

~The Dyzaster
I am The Dyzaster. I am not an "Anon" My Avatar represents my beliefs, it does not mean that i'm an UB3R HAX0R who Ddos's websites while my mommie makes me a sammich.

I Deleted System32 out of Linux so my OS runs faster then yours.
Long time nixers
So, do you browse 4Chan a lot?


Welcome to the forum, and enjoy the absence of Trackblack threads.
"Willful ignorance is a crime"
Long time nixers
~Welcome home!~
Someone doesn't appreciate my php generated image!
You have no friends, don't lie :P
Enjoy youself here, a lot of the members are great at what they do, so I hope you learn a lot from them :D

P.S Don't make a fool of me :P