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Hello, I'm wervenyt. I've been paddling about in numerous Linux distros for the last few years, and at some point I settled on Crunchbang on Debian sid for my laptop.
A few months ago, I bought a Chromebook and finally installed Arch. Right now I'm running KDE because of the eyecandy, but spectrwm was my previous environment.
I hope my relative unfamiliarity with things isn't too much of a barrier in joining this community.
I guess you won't find much KDE users here (I can be mistaken).
Welcome to nixers.
I've just been too lazy to invest time into configs. I'll be on a ten hour flight in a few days, so that seems like a good time to mess with them. 2bWM seems really cool, so that and lemonbar will probably be what I spend that on. KDE is just easy.
Never much of a kde person myself but to each his own! It's a pleasure to meet you.

2bwm IS really awesome, I've been using it for a little over a week and it's a drastic improvement over my previous wm.

If you need any help getting it set up just let me know but it should be easy for you since its in the AUR

If you do use it:
Make sure to edit the config.h before doing make and make install, it won't be configured for your terminal and all that :)
Welcome to the club wervenyt.
Long time nixers
Welcome to the casa, I can already tell you'll learn quite a bit here. Also to my knowledge you are the only KDE user here.
Long time nixers
Most people on here run 'lightweight' - but it's all 'nix underneath. :)
Long time nixers
welcome to nixers
Long time nixers
Welcome, welcome!
Grey Hair Nixers
Welcome here! Have a nice stay ;)