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hello everyone

I'm eye - or also known as gnomeye, cause the username eye is not easy to get in the web.

I'm 24 years old and my passion is Linux. From time to time I also try other *nix systems (FreeBSD...)

Linux History:

I started with Knoppix to rescue my Windows installation, and soon thought a *nix system would be a better choice for me.

From SuSe to Ubuntu, Debian, but also a lil bit of LFS, Gentoo or Fedora, I tried a lot of different distributions. (I reccomend LFS for everyone wanting to know the FHS and Linux way better)

But since a few years I can assure you my love for ArchLinux.

In my job I also get to work on SLE Servers or SunOS. (Application Operation)

I'm hoping to be a help but also get some help when I'm in need ;-)

Soo.. cya around (irc and so on..)
Long time nixers
Welcome to Unixhub!
Howdy dowdy yarr' mate! You made a good choice to join a site! Hope you like it.
Welcome to UH ; You'll love it here a great community and a chance to learn something everyday :D