the end of hackintoshing - OS X

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Long time nixers
with the T2 announcement it seems like hackintoshing just got it's death warrant.

i just hack'd my X1C6 and it works unbelievably well (other than wifi, waiting on an adapter card for a compatible wifi/bt card I picked up). glad to know i'll at least have a few years before i feel somewhat compelled to buy a new apple machine, and that i'll have time for them to work out the kinks. but to be honest, i am looking forward to owning a non-x86 laptop in 2024 or so!
Long time nixers
Many things about "macOS 11" and iOS 14 are pissing me off, starting from the connotation that it would be an awesome idea to repeat Windows 8's mistakes by introducing touch-friendly desktop UIs (it is not), not even ending with the announcement that Apple drops the x86_64 platform for an architecture which was never good at desktop performance (ARM). But that is just me, I guess.

(Personal remark: They should license OpenSPARCs. I love SPARCs. If only Oracle wouldn't be such a shitshow...)

<mort> choosing a terrible license just to be spiteful towards others is possibly the most tux0r thing I've ever seen