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Post your website - pizzaroll1 - 23-08-2014

I know that a few users have websites with blogs and things like that on them, but I only know of a few (like z3bra's). I like what I read there and I'd like to see more, but I don't know how to find out who has a website other than by asking.

I have one, at Kaashif is my real name by the way, I'm not just linking to some random guy's website and claiming it as my own.

So, who else has a website?

RE: Post your website - venam - 23-08-2014

You can link your website in your user cp.
Mine are,, and
There's nothing really interesting on them though.

RE: Post your website - rwzy - 24-08-2014

pizzaroll1 your site's real neat by the way.

RE: Post your website - pizzaroll1 - 24-08-2014

(24-08-2014, 07:04 AM)rwzy Wrote: pizzaroll1 your site's real neat by the way.

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

RE: Post your website - rwzy - 24-08-2014

And not just how it looks, especially the content too.

You wouldn't have a feed (rss/atom) of some sort for it would you (would love to subscribe)? Perhaps muon could auto generate one? Probably really simple, although I wouldn't know how to do it in haskell…

RE: Post your website - pizzaroll1 - 24-08-2014

I whipped up something really quickly, which you can find at I think it's a valid RSS feed, but I'm not sure. Thanks for showing an interest, anyway. I'm sure there are loads of cool websites that are undiscovered. Does anyone know about any other relatively unknown *nix blogs?

RE: Post your website - xero - 24-08-2014

RE: Post your website - neeasade - 24-08-2014

working on currently. It is hosted on github using jekyll for now. The content is vacant because of a plugin issue I'm solving - namely github does not support jekll plugins when they host. But when that's resolved the searchbar on the main page will search through the notes section of the site so I have easy access from wherever I happen to be.

RE: Post your website - pizzaroll1 - 25-08-2014

That's a pretty cool site, xero. If I may ask, what software is running

RE: Post your website - berk - 25-08-2014

Nice site, pizzaroll1! Does your name mean "Discoverer", and if it does, where are your parents from?