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Encryption of Sensitive Files - Revcore - 22-07-2012

As a system administrator, or any other occupation that you have to deal with sensitive information, it is often recommended that you encrypt the sensitive information in case it is stolen or found.

Personally, for the encryption of files I use a program commonly found on *Nix systems called "CCrypt". CCrypt uses AES-256 encryption which is very strong.

Here's an example:
I have a master password file, and say that the contents are such:
Revcore password123

After install ccrypt I type:
ccrypt -e password.txt

Then, when I view the encrypted file:

Don't think anyone is going to be view this!

Similarly, you can decrypt with "ccrypt -d" and view/cat with "ccrypt -c"

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - yrmt - 22-07-2012

Ccrypt is really great. Who can break an AES-256 encrypted file? No one.

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - Robby - 23-07-2012

Will probably be using this to encrypt my documented online account details for paypal, LR etc.

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - venam - 21-08-2012

Question: "why do you use `Revcore password123` in the first encryption?"
You could have simply use `ccrypt -e something` instead of installing another tool.
I have a question myself: I have run ccrypt inside a folder and I was wondering how I can encrypt all the files inside the folder.
To begin with, I tried ccrypt * which did not work, then I tried ccrypt *. it worked for some files, then I tried ccrypt .* it worked for the rest of the files.
I can't make it work with a one liner so if anyone has a way bump me!

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - D9u - 07-09-2012

Đid you try [ ccrypt . ] [without brackets]?

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - venam - 07-09-2012

the `ccrypt .` is not working, it confuse the . with a directory. Anyway it's not that important, I'd rather to ccrypt * then ccrypt .* and that it.
Thank you !

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - OpenSource - 23-09-2012

This is extremely helpful, never knew about this


ccrypt -e -q "file path"

ccrypt -e -q /Documents/mypass

if you still don't get it "ccrypty --help" give you all the options etc.

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - CrossFold - 25-09-2012

Thanks for this :) I'll try this out..

RE: Encryption of Sensitive Files - Dyzaster - 20-11-2012

I myself use Truecrypt. What i do is i create a encrypted volume (A folder which is then encrypted and turned into a non-open-able file until its decrypted) and i use Serpent-Twofish-AES.

It first encrypts with AES (256BIT) then with Twofish (256BIT) then with Serpent (256BIT), and i use SHA-512 as the Hash Algorithm. Then use a 25+ (Mines more) Long password to avoid brute-force. (Passwords like "Today.Me.And.My.Mom.Played.COD.7.And.I.Beat.Her" are good, whos going to guess that? And what password list will hold that?)

Also, when it comes to encrypting an actual Hard Drive with *Nix i reccomend LUKS. I know its available for Arch, i have never tried it on anything else. With LUKS you can do a mixture of i think the same 3 encryptions, and you choose what BIT you want.